Tim Allen's return to television was given the thumbs up on Tuesday night (11st October 2011), with new show 'Last Man Standing' premiering to 13 million viewers. The figures will please ABC bosses, considering heavyweight 'Dancing with the Stars' drew an audience of just 3 million more.
'Last Man Standing' was also up 9 per cent on the show it replaced, 'No Ordinary Family' and Abc claims it was the most-watched comedy premiere at 8 pm since September 2004. The new sitcom sees Allen play Mike Baxter, a director of marketing for a sporting goods store whose home life is dominated by women. He and his wife have three daughters, one of whom is a single mother. There has been much talk as to whether Allen still holds the popularity he amassed during his years on 'Home Improvement'. During his much-criticised hosting of the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais introduced Allen and Tom Hanks by listing all the 'Forest Gump' star's achievements before mockingly adding, "..and Tim Allen". Although the initial viewing figures are encouraging, critics were less than enamoured with the actor's return to television. The Los Angeles Times noted, ".it's pretty old-fashioned", while the New York Daily News said, "Tim Allen's boorish man-jokes seem dated, dialogue is cartoonish".
Since his time on 'Home Improvement', Tim Allen has appeared in a number of high-profile Hollywood movies, most notably the Toy Story trilogy in which he voices 'Buzz Lightyear'.