Tim Allen is set to return to TV screens in 'Last Man Standing'.

The 58-year-old actor - whose last main appearance on the small screen saw him star in ABC show 'Home Improvement', which ran until 1999 - will reunite with the network for his latest sitcom that sees him play a marketing executive, who has to spend more time with his family due to the struggling economy.

Tim - who has two daughters, Katherine and Elizabeth - plays Mike Baxter, who has a three daughters and a wife, in contrast to his 'Home Improvement' character who had three sons - and he is relishing the chance to play someone with a different family dynamic to his last alter-ego.

Tim told the Sacramento Bee newspaper: "I just really wanted to investigate what it would be like to be around four women that are intelligent and strong and fun and loving and a family.

"I have two daughters, a strong wife, and a mom and sisters. And I just love to be able to be in that world consistently. I thought it would be kind of fun literally to flip-flop the two shows."

'Last Man Standing' premieres tonight (11.10.11).