Funnyman Tim Allen is begging the motorbike experts who trained him to ride a Harley Davidson for new film WILD HOGS to teach him how to crash - because he doesn't want to risk injury now he's hooked on biking. The Santa Clause star's brother lost his leg when he was 16 and Allen was forbidden from getting close to a bike. When he got the chance to learn all about Harleys for Wild Hogs, the star became hooked and he now wants to become the best biker - on and off the motorcycle. Allen says, "I worry about getting into trouble. I kind of want to know how to lay a bike down at high speed. I keep asking the guys to train me. "I'd say, 'Is there any way I can try that out because I'll inevitably go in the other direction, flip over the handle bars. But I don't want to end up like that.'" Allen admits his brother's accident often makes him think twice about getting on a motorbike: "I love riding the bikes. It's a constant conflict with me; 'Is it worth the risk?'"