Tilda Swinton thinks in food.

Since she was a child the 'I Am Love' actress has always associated a different edible item with the words she uses, though she is unsure why.

She explained: "The word 'word' is a sort of gravy. 'Table' is a slightly dry cake. 'Tomato' is not actually tomato, it's lemony."

The award-winning Scottish star also revealed she is "embarrassed" about being an actress and thinks she would have become a professional gambler if she hadn't met director Derek Jarman, who she worked on several experimental films with in the 80s. She said: "It's a source of embarrassment that I am perceived as an actress. It all feels like a mistake.

"If I hadn't met Derek. I wouldn't have carried on performing. I probably would have become a professional gambler. At the time, I was working the horses a bit. What he offered me was a home. We didn't fit in. I knew I didn't want to be in a corset in Merchant Ivory films. And I knew I wasn't cheesecake."