Tilda Swinton, the British actress currently starring in Lynne Ramsay's drama movie 'We Need To Talk About Kevin', says the film's themes are not far away from the everyday experience of being a parent. Tilda Swinton plays a mother who attempts to confront the fact that her teenage son has committed a mass murder, reports the UK's Guardian newspaper.
Speaking after the movie had premiered at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday (12th May 2011) Swinton said her character's sense of isolation is nothing out of the ordinary for regular mothers, saying, "It is a bloody business being in a family, a bloody business having a child and a really bloody business, as we know, being a child. It is a truly murderous business giving birth: it is a violent place to go". The film was met with a flurry of positive reviews from the traditionally hard-to-please Cannes critics, and some commentators are already talking up Swinton's Oscar chances for 2012. The movie also marks a return for Ramsey, regarded by many as being one of Britain's top directorial talents. Her debut movie, 'Ratcatcher' was highly acclaimed in 1999, but it has been nine-years since her last movie, 'Morvern Callar' 2002. Swinton, who has two children with the Scottish painter John Byrne, described parenthood as "a difficult thing", adding, "I don't say shunting a child off to a nanny is a very good idea. That bond is a very complex one".
Tilda Swinton is currently filming Wes Anderson's highly anticipated new movie 'Moonrise Kingdom', set for release in 2012. The movie also stars Bruce Willis, Edward Norton and OWEN WILSON.