Tilda Swinton led a conga line to Barry White's 'You're the First, the Last, My Everything' last weekend.

The 52-year-old award-winning actress leapt down the aisle and rounded 1,500 people onto their feet for a dance-along to honour Roger Ebert - who lost his long battle with cancer at the age of 70 earlier this month - at his film festival in Champaign-Urbana.

Before her energetic display, Tilda told the audience: ''If we dance up here, you're going to sit and watch us and laugh. So, no observers allowed. Participants only.''

The event wasn't a tribute to Ebert himself but Tilda referred to the occasion as a ''spiritual service'' and although it wasn't initially planned to be a memorial for him, those who attended said repeatedly that it felt like it was.

Ebert's wife, Chaz Hammelsmith - who was also present at the festival - said: ''It's truly a site to see and would surely make Ebert proud. That's why [Tilda is] one of our favourite festival guests!''