Tilda Swinton claims Karl Lagerfeld is always in a ''fantasy world'' when he's designing.

The 'Only Lovers Left Alive' actress watched the Chanel Cruise 2014/15 presentation in Dubai on Tuesday (13.05.14) and praised Karl's new collection, which is rich in Middle Eastern inspiration.

When quizzed about the show's exotic location, she told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I've only been in Dubai 24 hours, so I'm not exactly an expert.

''But for me it was all my fantasies about 70s Dubai. A bit Marisa Berenson and 101 Arabian nights. It was a child's eye view - but Karl's always grazing in a fantasy world ... I'm now stuck in the sand.''

The fashion show took place 650 metres off shore from Dubai's main Jumeirah beach. Guests were told to wear flat shoes and were transported to the island in abras, traditional wooden boats.

Talking about the show, Karl explained, ''I like the idea that you have no way of knowing whether the diamonds and pearls are real or not,'' adding, ''That's very Coco, no?

The 80-year-old designer reckons the French fashion house's founder would have been fascinated by the Middle East, just as she was enamoured with China and England.

He explained: ''Dubai's a city that rose out of the sea and desert in less than 30 years. It's like Atlantis - and now it has the tallest building on the planet (the Burj Khalifa).

''Once that honour went to the Eiffel Tower. Then the Empire State building. Now it's here. That shows you how the world is changing. This is such a modern city I wanted to avoid anything folklorique. I couldn't have done a collection in Dubai that wasn't modern.''