Paolo Roversi says Tilda Swinton has a "unique beauty".

The legendary photographer shot the Oscar-winning actress in the campaign for Pomellato jewellery and was impressed with her behaviour in front of the camera.

He said: "Beauty is a great mystery, impossible to describe with words. The shoot was thrilling. Tilda is a wonderful woman, of a unique beauty - natural and sophisticated at the same time - and associating her with Pomellato jewels was bound to result in interesting images.

"An actress, differently from a model, is used to not just being herself in front of a camera; to playing a role, telling a story - and Tilda's magic is her ability to express herself in a hundred different ways."

Paolo - who has previously shot Gemma Ward, Natalia Vodianova and Milla Jovovich - says being conventionally beautiful isn't enough to make a great photo.

He told "A good subject is one that stimulates and inspires the desire to dream, the desire to unveil a mystery, the thrill of suggesting another reality. Every day, when I step into my studio, I have a hope. For me, photography is not about copying reality, but revealing something else."