Tilda Swinton always knew she was never going to be ''bimbo material''.

The 52-year-old actress - who earned the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance in 'Michael Clayton' in 2008 - struggled to get meaningful roles when she started her acting career and knew she would be ''a bit off an outsider'' until she got older.

Tilda said: ''I was never going to be bimbo material. So I just kept my head down in my 20s. I had this strange instinct that I would only begin to start my real work in my 40s.''

Tilda has 16-year-old twins Honor and Xavier with Scottish playwright John Byrne and she admits she is a naturally lazy person and prefers to spend time at home with them than work, and she is often hassled into accepting roles.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she said: ''I had my children and knew that at some point, when they were old enough, I would have more time.

''I am truly idle, because I would never do anything that I didn't want to do. I have some very hardy and wily representatives whose job it is to mud-wrestle me to the ground and make me work.''