British actress Tilda Swinton feels like an aerial bomber on movie sets - because she is there so briefly before being flown out to another project.

THE BEACH star admits her acting schedule has been unusual in recent months, particularly her blink-and-you'll-miss-it part in Broken Flowers alongside Bill Murray.

Swinton, 44, says, "I've experimented a couple of times recently, by working like an opera singer being flown in for one aria and then flown out again.

"Funnily enough, of all the surgical strikes, Broken Flowers was the most surgical in that (director) Jim Jarmusch and I met backstage at a DARKNESS concert and he later wrote to me and asked me to be in his film, which was already funded and ready to go.

"I'm only there for 20, 30 seconds - two days' work."