Actress Tilda Swinton and her longtime partner JOHN BYRNE have found new lovers - but vow to stay together.
Swinton, 47, has been dating 29-year-old Sandro Kopp, while continuing her live-in relationship with Byrne.
And now Byrne, 68, has revealed he has been dating another woman, Jeanine Davies, 42, for almost two years.
But Byrne says he will also continue his relationship with Swinton for the sake of their twins Xavier and Honor.
He says, "It's all very relaxed and very amicable. (Tilda and I) have certainly not split up. We are still together. There is so much love there, I wish I could explain it.
"We love our children and our children love us - they are very accepting. But it is not an open relationship - that would imply we both had lots of partners which is certainly not the case.
"Jeanine and I are in love. She deals with the situation but she is a very private person so I don't want to say more than that.
"Tilda and I are still together, which I know will confuse people. But the dynamic of every relationship is different."
'It is a very civilised arrangement and I know some people will struggle to understand it but it works for us. There is nothing nefarious about it. I understand people will be curious, but it's really our business. Everyone is happy and it works."