Tilda Swinton thinks she is a "dumb" actress.

The 'We Need To Talk About Kevin' actress prefers to let her expressions and mannerisms communicate her character rather than rely too much on dialogue.

She said: "I'm much more interested in silent cinema. If you did a word count, I'm pretty word-light. I'm pretty dumb. Probably the dumbest film performer of the last 20 years I'd say.

"I'm much more interested in working dumb. I kind of thin that's what cinema is for. I like seeing people alone and I like seeing people inarticulate and I like seeing people thinking, so I like trying to do that myself."

In 'We Need To Talk About Kevin', Tilda plays a woman whose son kills a number of classmates at his school, and while the subject matter is "harrowing", the actress insists it wasn't difficult to work on.

She told Empire magazine: "I've heard people talk about acting being harrowing and I can never understand how that works. I'm too lazy. It's much easier to shoot a harrowing film than it is to sit through one."