Thomas Whitaker is fighting for full custody of 14 month old Isabella Monroe Nguyen, and has asked the court to grant him child support and to change the child's surname, editors at report.

Whitaker claims Tequila, real name Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, is mentally unstable and has delusions of grandeur, including believing she is God.

He wants full legal custody of the toddler, and hopes to ultimately win full physical custody of his daughter, as he told the court he feels Isabella would be safer in his care.

Whitaker also asked the judge to implement some new ground rules for Tequila, which include no alcohol before the reality star sees Isabella and no bad-mouthing him in front of their daughter.

Tequila has yet to comment on the ongoing custody battle, but wrote on on Thursday (28Jan16), "Sometimes all you can do is your best, and people can either appreciate that or not. Do it for yourself."

The reality star was recently in the news after raising money on a crowd-funding website to pay her rent and buy furniture. She pleaded with fans earlier this month (Jan16) to help out, as she claimed she was forced to move home due to a rent increase.

As of 30 January (16), the GoFundMe campaign had raised $6,170 (£3,856) for the reality star.