A model is threatening to sue Tila Tequila after the reality TV star accused her of trying to "ruin" heiress Casey Johnson's life.
Lawyers for Jasmine Lennard have fired off a cease and desist letter to the late star's fiancee Tequila, demanding she remove a curse-laden rant on her blog which brands the British model "an ugly devil."
Johnson hit the headlines in November (09) after she was arrested for allegedly robbing Lennard's Los Angeles home.
But, in the internet post, Tequila alleges Lennard was attempting to frame Johnson, writing, "Jazmine (sic) was supposedly the one who gave her (Johnson) the key to her place & told her to borrow whatever she wanted. Jazmine set her up on purpose, probably hoping that she would get millions off of Casey, but once she realised that Casey didn't have that money, Jazmine, this devil - an UGLY devil at that - got p**sed (angry). And as soon as my fiancee and I announced that we got engaged, this bi**h would not stop harassing us!"
But Lennard, whose mum is former Bond star Marilyn Galsworthy, wants the post taken down - and her attorneys have promised to take legal action against Tequila if she refuses to remove it.
Their letter reads: "Should you fail to comply with our client's stipulations, you will be exposed to extensive liability in damages and legal costs in this jurisdiction."
The felony grand theft charges stemming from Johnson's arrest were dropped when she was found dead at home on Monday (04Jan10).