Reality TV star Tila Tequila called police to her Los Angeles home on Tuesday (09Feb10) over allegations a "stalker" was prowling the property.
Officers were sent to the internet sensation's San Fernando Valley house following 911 calls in which Tequila claimed a man had been watching her for two weeks.
A search of the area showed no trace of the alleged stalker and officers left the scene soon after.
But Tequila insists the man tried to break into her home, telling, "There's been a psycho stalker and he's getting closer to my door and tried to get in. He's been sitting in the rain for days trying to say hi to me!
"He put his eye up to my door and was trying to peek in and he was jiggling the door."
Last April (09), the star claimed an obsessed fan into her house and sent a message via her blog telling fans she was dead.
The post read, "I just broke into her house, killed her and her dog. Logged onto Twitter to tell you guys. She was signed on already. Tila Tequila is dead." No charges were ever brought in relation to the alleged incident.