Golf champion Tiger Woods' wife has been awarded "substantial" damages by an Irish magazine, after it printed fake nude photos of the Swedish model in the publication last year (06). Elin Nordegren filed a libel suit against The Dubliner magazine in November 2006 over the images printed in November 2006 of a naked woman - wrongly identified as the blonde beauty - under the headline, 'Ryder Cup Filth For Dublin?'. Nordegren, who received a formal apology from The Dubliner magazine, refused to reveal the exact amount of the financial settlement - but did say the cash would be donated to cancer support charities in honour of British golfer Darren Clarke's late wife, Heather, who died of the disease in August 2006. In a statement released on Friday (07Dec07), she says, "The false and deeply offensive article in The Dubliner magazine, with the accompanying photograph of another woman wrongly claimed to be me, caused great personal distress to me and my family." And she admits the magazine's publisher, Trevor White, had apologised unreservedly for the article in question. White is quoted as telling Nordegren, "The story was cheap, tasteless and deliberately offensive. The article was accompanied by a nude photograph of a woman falsely identified as being Elin Woods and the article falsely stated other such photographs were to be found on Internet porn sites. "There are no such photographs of Ms. Nordegren Woods on Internet sites or elsewhere. Ms. Nordegren Woods has never posed, or been photographed, nude."