Tiger Woods has spoken candidly about life as a single father during an interview on Good Morning America.
Tiger Woods, the American golfer who divorced from wife Elin Nordegren after publically admitting to numerous infidelities, has spoken openly about fatherhood and the future, reports ABC News.
The golf star spoke with ROBIN ROBERTS on Good Morning America about how he is growing as a father now that interest in his "scandal" has died down. The 35-year-old said he is "more present" with his children and also feels more "connected" to them. When asked about how he balances his family life with rediscovering his golf form, Woods said, "It's work, there's no doubt, it's work. It's tough but enjoyable" but added, "Family is first. And that's what it was when I was growing up. My family, my mom and dad were always there, and they were always present for me. And that's how I am with my kids now".
Since his heavily publicised divorce, Tiger Woods' form has suffered dramatically and he has subsequently slipped from number-one in the world rankings to number-five. He will be aiming to land his first major since 2008 when he competes at the U.S Masters next month.