Eighties teen sensation Tiffany is disappointed her adult image was largely misunderstood by critics - and insists the reaction pushed her to strip for Playboy magazine.

The I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW singer shed her pop image to release a rock album two years ago (01) and shed her clothes for the adult magazine in 2002 - to really prove she was no longer a child.

Tiffany recalls, "Two years ago I released an album called THE COLOR OF SILENCE, it's very much in the Sheryl Crow, ALANIS MORISSETTE-style and I got some really good reviews from Billboard and ROLLING STONE, but not everyone got it."

Explaining her need to go one step further, she continues, "People were saying, 'It's an amazing record, but it's Tiffany so it's a bit goofy' - they still saw me as the teenage mall girl, which is why I did the Playboy shoot."

Tiffany adds, "It broke me out of my teeny-bopper image. Doing Playboy was a wonderful experience, I thought the pictures were fabulous and it was flattering to be in the magazine, although now some people on the street recognise me only through Playboy, which is a bit weird."

01/07/2003 21:06