Tiffany Haddish wishes she could tell her younger self to avoid getting a perm.

The 38-year-old actress-and-comedian spent her teenage years trying to change her style to please the boys in her class and after comparing herself to the other girls in her year she decided to undergo a semi-permanent chemical hair treatment to create a style that ''boys would like'' before realising the best way to feel confident was to embrace her natural quirks.

She recalled: ''All the girls in school had perms and stuff or they already had naturally silky hair, so I thought if I get a perm, and then I can get in the swimming pool and my hair will lay straight and then boys will like me and all that, but I was too goofy anyways.

But after realising that the teenage boys would ''like her anyway'' because of the simple fact that she was a girl, she decided to stop trying to change herself and let her hair naturally recover from the effects of the chemical treatment.

She continued: ''[Boys] still liked me anyways except for when all my hair had fell out [from the perm], and I was like bald. [Boys] gonna like you regardless, you a girl!''

Since growing up, the 'Girls Trip' star likes to live by her own beauty mantra to encourage herself on day's she feels low, and admits the only opinion that matters to her is her own.

Speaking to People magazine for their 'Most Beautiful' edition, she said: ''I love and approve of you and it doesn't matter what anybody else in the world thinks because you're beautiful to me. Just be who you are.''