Tiffany Haddish is a big fan of Taylor Swift's cooking.

The 'Girls Trip' actress recently visited the 'Blank Space' hitmaker at her house, and though she brought along some vegetables, she was very impressed by the feast served up by her friend.

She said: ''She made some brisket, beef, chicken -- which was delicious -- potato salad, delicious, and some cornbread. It was so good.

''And I brought the joyful greens.''

The 38-year-old star said she would love to attend a dinner party with former First Lady Michelle Obama, Jesus and Oprah Winfrey, and admitted meeting the ''magic'' media mogul recently left her feeling starstruck.

As well as being a master at making ''joyful greens'', Tiffany also knows her way around her garden and shared a special tip for getting the most out of her plants.

In a '73 Questions' video for Vogue, she explained: ''When you have leftover egg shells from making like scrambled eggs, take this egg shells, break them up and put them in your dirt with the garden and it should feed everything.''

Elsewhere in the clip, Tiffany said her dream role would be to play ''Wonder Woman's sister'' and she'd jump at the chance for a love scene with Michael B. Jordan.

But the 'Keanu' actress doesn't have a particular celebrity crush.

Asked who it would be, she quipped: ''Whoever likes me and can make more money.''

When it comes to preparing for a performance, Tiffany has adopted a funny and unique warm-up routine.

She explained: ''I get in the mirror and I go, 'Baby daddy, baby daddy, baby daddy, baby daddy, baby daddy, baby daddy, child support, child support, child support, child support, child support'--basically I say all the things that I don't want really fast to trick the universe into giving me what I do want.''