Tia Mowry ''loves'' her post-baby body.

The 'Sister Sister' star refuses to be shamed for her figure and loves that her body isn't ''perfect'' following the arrival of her daughter two weeks ago.

She shared on Instagram: ''This is MY #postpartum. Two weeks in. Do I still have a belly yes. I actually look like I'm 4 months pregnant and that is OKAY. I wanted to shine a light on how our society creates false expectations after a woman gives birth. Ladies, it's okay that our bodies are not PERFECT after our babies are born. Give your self time. Go at your own pace. Don't allow people to put a time limit on YOUR body. You've just accomplished a miracle! #Love yourself, love your new body, embrace it. It you want to make changes than that's your desire and no one else's. Ps, #moms freaking rock! #fashion (sic)''

Meanwhile, Tia - who also has six-year-old Cree with her husband Cory Hardrict - previously confessed she was leaving it to her husband to choose a name for their daughter.

Speaking before the birth, she shared: ''My husband named [our 6-year-old son] Cree, so he will be naming our baby girl. He did say that while he was in the air flying, he saw some letters in the sky that he had seen with the clouds, and those letters were going to find a name. He felt it was just a very kind of spiritual moment for him, he says that he feels closer to God when he's in an airplane so I was like, 'OK, Cory.' So we have those letters in mind, so we'll see what happens.''