Actress Tia Mowry broke down in tears when she was separated from her newborn son for the first time as she headed back to work.

The 34-year-old Sister, Sister star and her husband Cory Hardrict welcomed a son named Cree in June, 2011 and she went back to work just two months after the birth.

However, Mowry found herself in floods of tears when she was forced to say goodbye to her little boy to finish work on her Tv show Tia & Tamera.

In a blog post for, she writes, "After Cree was born, I had to report back to work two months after giving birth... Let me just say, my first day away from my son was hell!... I cried all day long. I kept telling myself, 'I can't do this. More importantly, why am I doing this? Am I a horrible mother?'

"Cree was the one chilling, looking at Momma like she was crazy, while I was the one having a bad case of separation anxiety! Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?... My son is the one that is supposed to be wailing and screaming, not me."

However, Mowry felt better after talking to a friend who told her it is normal to battle such strong emotions, but she still feels guilty whenever she has to leave her son.

She adds, "Now I go to work feeling a little different - no more tears... okay, I'm lying, maybe a few tears... I still feel guilty when I leave my son... Unfortunately, I really don't think the guilt will ever go away. But at least now I can breathe."