Review of All That's Left (06/10/03 ISLAND RECORDS) Single by Thrice

Thrice - All That’s Left
THRICE - All That’s Left (06/10/03 ISLAND RECORDS) - Single Review


All That’s Left


It was harder to get into the Concrete Jungle Stage at the Leeds Festival, to see Californian punks Thrice than it is to get Rio Ferdinand to be punctual. The reason for this could be the fact that critics and the music public pounce on the latest thing, just because it is the done thing to be seen to do so. However, in this case could it possibly be because Thrice produce a blend of Emo/punk that is raw and angry yet at the same time quite insightful? Mixing influences such as the Boysetsfire, Lessthanjake and NOFX.

Music - THRICE: All That’s Left (06/10/03 ISLAND RECORDS). - Single Review

Abrasive guitar riffs and melancholic lyrics that lament the fickle nature of the world and maybe other punk bands, who turn their backs on what they stand for:

“A ghost is all that’s left of everything we swore we never would forget.

Tried to be the safest, but we trade our hearts instead”.

It is not exactly groundbreaking stuff that chief vocalist Dustin Kensrue spouts out, but he does so with due unforced sincerity that is laudable in this day and age. ‘All That’s Left’ is taken from the bands ‘The Artist In The Ambulance’ their debut for a major label, having made the leap from an independent label that changes so many. It has done wonders for their popularity and hasn’t as yet compromised their ethos.

David Adair