Oscar-winning rap trio Three 6 Mafia's forthcoming gig at a Maryland university has been cancelled amidst security concerns. Officials at Towson University have pulled the Welcome Back Concert, which was set to take place on 8 September (07), claiming one audience member was stabbed during the group's last gig in the area in 2004. Student activities co-ordinator Bridget Chase says, "The Campus Activities Board wanted to have a big hip-hop concert early in the school year and they selected Three 6 Mafia based on which performers were available for early September. "We went through the negotiation process and we were ready to sign a contract. When the students learned that the show wasn't going to happen, they were pretty upset because we worked to plan this and we put a good amount of time into it." Teri Hall, associate vice president for campus, replies, "When I heard that (Three 6 Mafia) was the group scheduled to perform, I connected the group's name with the (stabbing) and I was nervous about bringing the group to campus."