Former Three 6 Mafia star Crunchy Black has returned to the studio, just days after he was hospitalised with gun shot wounds.
The hip-hop star, real name Darnell Carlton, was hit in the face and leg during a shoot-out in Las Vegas in the early hours of 1 July (12) and he was taken to a local medical centre for treatment.
He has since been released and cops believe Carlton was the target of a botched murder attempt.
Despite the severity of the incident and his injuries, the star has already thrown himself back into his work, vowing to concentrate on his music.
He tells, "You already know I'm already in the studio, just trying to get some motherf**king songs done. And just show (everyone there) ain't no stopping me. Every time I find out I got a new group of haters, it just helps me out a little more to keep on pushing and pushing and pushing (sic). "
Carlton was a founding member of the Oscar-winning group before leaving the band in 2006 to launch a solo career.