Thor star Tom Hiddleston showed off his powers of mimicry when he appeared on hit U.K. motoring show Top Gear.

The British actor was a guest on the car-lovers' programme and he stunned host Jeremy Clarkson with his accurate impersonations of Hollywood stars.

He took off Sir Anthony Hopkins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Peter O'Toole, and he even delighted the audience by mimicking Clarkson's voice.

The presenter told Hiddleston, "That was very good. Somebody said you were a good mimic."

Hiddleston was on the show to take part in the Star In a Reasonably-Priced Car segment, in which celebrities race against the clock around a track in a family saloon.

However, the actor was left red-faced when Clarkson showed viewers his lap, as he stalled the vehicle on the starting line.

Watching his embarrassing slip-up, Hiddleston groaned, "I'm very nervous and it was wet out there... Oh the shame. Oh dear."