LATEST: Thomas Kretschmann's movie BUTTERFLY: A GRIMM LOVE STORY has been banned in Germany, after a court in Kassel ruled it invades the privacy of a convicted cannibal. Man-eater ARMIN MEIWES - dubbed the 'Cannibal of Rotenburg' - successfully argued the film, which was due to open next week (09MAR06) was based on his life and could prejudice the retrial of his case. Meiwes is currently serving an eight-and-a-half year sentence for eating the dead body of BERND JUERGEN, a 43-year-old engineer he met on the internet in 2004. The judges' decision is final. If the production firm Atlantic Streamline violates the ruling, it will have to pay an administrative fine of 250,000 euros ($290,000/GBP170,000).