Actor Thomas Jane has slammed ageism in society, insisting he's sick of having to dress like a youngster to remain relevant.
The 42-year-old actor is enjoying success in saucy U.S. hit Hung and has several movies in the works, but he is convinced it's becoming increasingly more difficult to land jobs as he ages.
And the star has slammed society's obsession with youth, insisting men of a certain age have to compromise to land good roles.
He tells the Huffington Post, "There's no socially-acceptable middle age. We have to lie about our age to get jobs, we have to dress the way we did in our 20s, with blue jeans and a t-shirt and f**king tennis shoes. Really? I'm 40 years old (sic) and still wearing the same goddamn uniform that I wore in my 20s?
"So what's the new uniform - a suit? Well, okay, everyone wears a f**king suit. With that, you're just a suit, you're a zombie, there's no self-expression. There's no individuality within that. So it's either blend in and become a zombie, or revert to your 20s. We got nothing.
"I think when you get into your 40s, you run into all this kind of crazy s**t, where you're like, 'Woah, what? Wait a second, what happened? You mean I'm no longer viable, I'm no longer vital?' But in my 40s, I'm as sharp as I've ever been, I'm wiser than I've ever been, I'm physically in great health - but now I'm being passed over because I'm in my f**king 40s, by society as a whole?
"I'm being passed over and becoming irrelevant. You turn on the computer or you turn on the TV, all the problems are about being in your 20s and 30s. You say, 'Well, it's not sexy?' Bulls**t. It's as sexy as you want to make it.'"