Actor Thomas Jane is testing his music skills on unsuspecting audiences across Los Angeles by playing secret coffee house shows in disguise.
The star lived on the streets of Los Angeles for months, surviving as a busker, before he made it big in Hollywood - and now he's decided to try his hand at music once more.
But Jane admits playing open mics under his own name still makes him nervous - especially after scoring a TV hit with Hung, about a well-endowed sports coach who turns to prostitution to make ends meet - so he's staying under the radar.
He laughs, "I don't want to throw people off and have people stare at my crotch the whole time so I tend to go in disguise."
But the actor risked blowing his cover on late night TV this week (16Sep10) - when he showed off his talents to U.S. talk show host George Lopez, singing a country tune as he strummed an acoustic guitar.