The trailer for American Pie's 'American Reunion' hit the web this week, bringing with it the usual raunchy jokes from the original gang. The clip gives fans their first glimpse of what the original characters got up to after the first movies.
For starters, Thomas Ian Nicholas's character Kevin appears to be living in a mansion with a wife who is obsessed with Real Housewives reality shows. Stifler, the famous ladies' man played by Seann William Scott, is still hitting on women - this time in his place of work. Elsewhere, Jim, played by Jason Biggs and girlfriend Michelle's former fiery relationship has taken a backseat with the couple focusing on raising their young son. The movie essentially follows the group as they get together in East Great Falls, Michigan, for their high school reunion. At one point, Jim's hapless father tells the reunited group, "Can I tell you, how exciting it is to see you kids back in town?" The film follows numerous poorly received American Pie spin-offs and is set for release on 6th April 2012.
Earlier this year, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that William Scott and Biggs are the highest paid original cast members, earning around $5 million each for the movie. Actress Tara Reid, a key member of the first films, is allegedly earning the least, around $750,000.