She Blinded Me With Science hitmaker Thomas Dolby is heading out on the road to raise awareness about the plight of U.S. lighthouses.

The British synth-pop star is keen to help save America’s doomed historic lighthouses, which currently number 46, after failing to stop the closure of a coastal landmark near his own home in England.

And he will be spreading the word in The Invisible Lighthouse Tour in North America this month (Oct13) and throughout November (13), with many gigs set for coastal towns and cities with endangered buildings.

His concerts will include a screening of his award-winning film documenting the closure of the Orfordness lighthouse in East Anglia, England, which the singer/songwriter can see from his studio.

Announcing the tour on his website, Dolby writes, "Some of these marvelous lighthouses have stood watch over our coasts for centuries, through devastating hurricanes, epic sea battles, daring rescues and thwarted invasions.

"The U.S. public has a perpetual love affair with the lighthouse, but is probably unaware that many are on the verge of being lost forever. It is so sad to see them crumble. America is still a young country and we should be doing all we can to preserve our historic landmarks for future generations to enjoy."

He adds, "The Doomsday List of endangered lighthouses was created in 1993 by Lighthouse Digest Magazine. It sought to draw public attention to the issue. Despite the passing of the National Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000, and the addition of many U.S. lighthouses to the National Register of Historic Places, many of America’s most revered lighthouses have continued to be allowed to deteriorate beyond repair.

"The burden of the expense falls on the U.S. Coast Guard, and this is underscored by commercial shipping’s increasing reliance on satellite and radar navigation."