Thom Yorke says Radiohead have no plans to call it a day.

The rocker - who's currently making waves with his new band Atoms For Peace - admitted while the group as ''other s**t going on'', they would keep going for their own sake.

Speaking to 'Skyfall' star Daniel Craig in a feature for Interview magazine, he said: ''We're going to choose to carry on.

''We're all big lads now - we're all over 40 - and we've all got a hell of a lot of other s**t going on, so if we choose to do it, we're basically doing it for ourselves and being selfish about it because otherwise we'll go stark-raving mad.''

However, Thom admitted fans could be disappointed because there are no big ideas on the horizon - with the quintet content to have a ''year off''.

He laughed: ''God, I so wish I had a plan. The only plan that we've had recently was to take a year off, which was something that Ed [O'Brien] wanted to do.

''Ed wanted to go live somewhere else and switch off ... Just like, 'Hey, how about we have 12 months where we don't commit to anything at all?' - which is an interesting prospect.''