Spoof documentary This Is Spinal Tap has been hailed as the greatest rock 'n' roll movie of all time - beating the film it was intended to parody.

The 1984 comedy, about a band past their sell-by date on a US tour, quickly became a sleeper hit - turning director Rob Reiner into a major Hollywood name.

The poll - commissioned by music magazine MOJO - saw the mock documentary top the list, ironically ahead of the film it parodied, The Band's THE LAST WALTZ - which came in second.

Mojo's deputy editor ANDREW MALE says, "Spinal Tap is a classic that you always go back to and discover new things.

"It really captures the madness of being on the road and at times it is better than a real documentary.

Films featuring THE Beatles and THE Rolling Stones were also highly ranked in the poll.

03/04/2005 14:25