Thirteen Senses Announce New Album Available February 2011

Thirteen Senses Announce New Album Available February 2011

Thirteen Senses return after nearly four years with a new single and album in February of 2011. 'The Loneliest Star' is the first single to be released on the band's own b-sirius label through PIAS, together with a brand new b-side 'Blame'. The new album, 'Crystal Sounds' follows on 21st February.

The band rose to prominence at an alarming speed in 2003 when their debut single 'Thru The Glass' became a Radio One favourite prompting an almighty scramble of A&R executives to their native Cornwall. Thirteen Senses saw their debut album, 'The Invitation' become one of the big sellers of 2004 and their music quickly became a staple of US TV shows such 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'ER'. With the follow up, 'Contact', released in 2006, the band continued to develop musically and have retained a loyal fanbase playing live across the world including Russia and China.

A demonstration of that fanbase was given late last year, when the band uploaded an early version of 'Crystal Sounds' to their website after two years of near radio silence, resulting in over 25,000 streams within a week and a sold out fan only London show.

Following the release of 'Contact' the band decided to build their own recording studio with guitarist Tom Welham at the helm. The band recorded, produced and mixed this new album in its entirety and in the process rediscovered the joys of making music together, passing the decade mark as a band with their original drive and fire intact.

Thirteen Senses return to London on Tuesday 22nd February for a show at The Relentless Garage. The London gig is the only confirmed date for the band thus far and marks a celebration of the release of the new album.