Irish rockers Thin Lizzy have beaten THE Beatles and Led Zeppelin to the top spot on a British poll of the best live albums.

The band's classic 1978 LIVE AND DANGEROUS LP was voted "the best live rock album" by readers of British CLASSIC ROCK magazine, followed by UFO's STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT came in at a close second and Led Zeppelin's recent release HOW THE WEST WAS WON came in at number five.

The magazine's editor SIAN LLEWELLYN says, "Thin Lizzy's album encapsulates the energy and fervour of Lizzy at their prime.

"The album was one of the first to show that a live album can really capture the excitement of the music as well as a studio album."

Thin Lizzy broke up in 1983 and their frontman, PHIL LYNOTT, died three years later (04JAN86) of a heart attack after a severe battle with drug addiction.

03/08/2004 21:26