Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham has revealed that Universal Music plan to release a box set of unheard music by the band; all recorded before the death of their legendary frontman Phil Lynott. Gorham told Mojo magazine that around 700 recordings by the band have been discovered, after Lynott passed on around 150 tapes to a friend, before he passed away in 1981, from pneumonia and heart failure. He was aged 36 when he died.

Since Lynott's death, the remaining members of Thin Lizzy have been criticised by some fans for continuing using the name without their former frontman. Talking about the content of the tapes, Gorham told the magazine that that, from what he's heard, the majority of the recordings are by "the fab four: Phil, myself, (drummer) Brian Downey, and (guitarist) Brian Robertson" and adds "I was reminded how much Phil loved dragging that lyric book around with him, and I think this box set will show people just how prolific he was."

We reported in an earlier article that he also assured fans that the label only intend to release the best of the material, and it will not be a 'warts and all' compilation, as so often happens with posthumous releases: "we're only going to put out the coolest stuff. Phil doesn't need my protection, I know, but I always want his music to be presented in the best light." He concludes by saying "You think, how could this stuff be wasting away in a vault? What were we thinking?"