The mother of tragic Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott has visited her son's grave every day for the past 26 years - and still can't come to terms with his passing.

The Boys Are Back in Town hitmaker died of complications from pneumonia and heart failure after years of prolonged drug abuse on 4 January, 1986, aged 36.

Despite the time that has passed, the rocker's mum, Philomena Lynott, admits she is still struggling to cope with her grief, and she pays a daily visit to his final resting place to honour his memory.

The 81 year old tells BBC News, "I listen to his music every single day. I also visit his resting place every day because it's only round the corner from my house. I go around and I pour water on his stone - I call it washing his face - and then when I'm leaving, I give him a kick... for breaking my heart."