The Vinyl Factory Present Interactive Installation 'Magnetic Field' By These New Puritans

The Vinyl Factory Present Interactive Installation 'Magnetic Field' By These New Puritans

The Vinyl Factory present 'Magnetic Field', an interactive installation by These New Puritans, taking place at 180 Strand between 14th and 21st April.

Curated to explore the make up of a band whose work is widely lauded as amongst the most original and progressive of their generation, this seven day stint in a beautiful Brutalist building in central London will serve as a window into their world.

The exhibition centres around the 'Magnetic Resonator Piano' (MRP), an electronically-augmented acoustic piano which uses a series of magnets combined with sensors to resonate, bend and torment the piano's strings, creating infinite sustain, crescendos, harmonics, pitch bends and incredible new timbres. The MRP was used for the first time in popular music on TNP's album Field of Reeds and will now be on display for the public to experience too. Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to engage with the MRP via motion-sensor technology, alongside other interactive exhibits enabling them to participate in the TNP sound, creating their own individual sonic experience via a series of triggers, loops, and samples.

In celebration of the installation, The Vinyl Factory will release Magnetic Field, a beautiful new limited vinyl edition by These New Puritans, featuring a brand new reworking of Field Of Reeds, cannibalised and produced by Jack Barnett and Graham Sutton as Bark Psychosis using the original album, alongside outtakes from those sessions and unused field recordings. Graham Sutton's remix will be the first Bark Psychosis release in ten years. Limited to 500 copies, and housed in a 12" sleeve featuring a photographic print and heavyweight 180-gram vinyl, each copy will be individually signed and numbered by the band.

Magnetic Field will run the same week as TNP EXPANDED at the Barbican, London, a new imagining of the band, featuring an expanded ensemble of brass, strings, voices, percussion and more, for a one-off performance on 17 April 2014. The performance will consist of their acclaimed new album Field of Reeds played in its entirety, alongside Lost Chords - old and brand new works, worked and re-worked.