The Yards director James Gray is "devastated" by the critical maulings he attracts from the U.S. press. His latest movie We Own The Night, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Eva Mendes, famously roused boos at a press screening in Cannes. And a recent review in Variety deemed the film "exceptionally conventional" and likened it to "an OK television movie". Now the maverick filmmaker has hit out at not being embraced by his own country. He says, "It's devastating to me. The response from Europe has been great but it's unfortunate because you like to be embraced by your own country. I mean, The Yards was savaged. They said it was boring! "I hope this doesn't sound bitter but it just breaks your heart. And it's all so weird. you know, in particular there's one person who hates my guts and I don't understand why. It's like I f**ked his wife or something. I've never even met the guy."