British rockers The XX are keeping their latest shows shrouded in mystery by staging a series of gigs in a secret location.

As part of the Manchester International Festival (Mif) in England, the group is performing 18 gigs at a mystery venue in England throughout July (13).

The trio, which won the U.K.'s prestigious Mercury Music Prize for its debut album xx in 2010, played to thousands of fans at Britain's Glastonbury Festival last month (30Jun13) but just 60 lucky devotees will get into each gig during the residency.

Ticket-holders have only been told to meet at Manchester Victoria train station and wear sensible footwear for a walk over uneven ground to the concert.

The xx's Jamie Smith tells the Bbc, "It's a journey to get there, and when people get to the space they won't really know where they are. It's somewhere that's being built at the moment, that we've managed to get hold of before it's finished."

And he's hoping the stunt will give them a creative boost, adding, "We've been touring for six years now. I think if we didn't try and make things interesting for us and for people coming to watch us, I don't think we'd be inspired to make another album."