The XX's new album title and tracklist may have leaked on Shazam.

The 'Angels' hitmakers recently gave an update on the progress of their third studio LP - the follow-up to 2012's 'Coexist' - and now via a Reddit post it appears to be listed as 'I See You' and a list of 12 songs has also been shared on the music app.

The electronic pop group - comprised of Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim and Jamie XX - previously shared with their fans that they are currently in the studio working on the much-anticipated LP and shared a playlist of music they've been listening to in a bid to get inspired.

A note posted on their Facebook page last month, read: ''Hello!

''It's been a while but you've been on our minds! We are in the studio working on our third album, it feels good to be together making new music.

Meanwhile, we wanted to share a playlist of songs we've been listening to in the studio.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Lots of love

xx The xx (sic)''

Tracks they'd chosen to share included Aretha Franklin's 'Day Dreaming', Solange's 'Weary', Drake's 'With You', Frank Ocean's 'Ivy' and Radiohead's 'Ful Stop'.

Meanwhile, they also announced their first tour in two years, which takes place in November and December in Eastern Europe and Japan.

The band have been working on the new album since 2014 and previously admitted they find it hard to motivate themselves to write music when they are on the road.

Romy previously shared: ''We don't find it easy as a band to write on tour, so we haven't got much done yet with new songs because we've been touring 'Coexist' so much. We're looking forward to having time off to be creative again. But we're definitely feeling inspired and ready to go. We played a lot of big stages on tour in the past year, and that's something I'm sure will come through in the next album.''

The xx's leaked 'I See You' tracklist in alphabetical order is as follows:

'Brave for You'


'I Dare You'



'On Hold'



'Seasons Run'

'Say Something Loving'

'Test Me'

'A Violent Noise'