THE X-FILES star Gillian Anderson has heaped praise on ordinary working mothers - because she would struggle to raise her children without full time help. The actress has a 14-year-old daughter, Piper, from a previous relationship, and son, Oscar, two, with husband Mark Griffiths.
And she is thankful that her longrunning TV and film career means she can afford a nanny for her two kids - as she doesn't know how she would juggle work and motherhood on her own.
She says, "One of the things I am most amazed at in life is women who raise their children without help. Some mothers are more built for it than others - higher levels of patience hormone - but it's hard!
"How do you clean the house and make the dinner and do the shopping?"
And Anderson, who lives in London with her family, insists the British government should reward hardworking mothers for their strength.
She adds, "Every last one of you should be given a medal and free health insurance, and a government-subsidised housekeeper."