THE X-FILES star Gillian Anderson fears she's too "self-obsessed" to ever provide a real service to charity. Speaking at a London gala organised by animal rights group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) last night (28JUN06), the actress insisted her contribution to the cause was negligible compared to other stars at the event. Anderson, who split from her second husband, documentary film-maker Julian Ozanne, in April (06), has been kept busy recently working on award-winning BBC adaptation BLEAK HOUSE, as well moving into a flat with new partner MARK GRIFFITHS. She says, "I feel I've done so little. I've been too selfish with time and self-obsession. "I've basically just lent my name to a few things." The 37-year-old was hailed at the PETA gala for her anti-vivisection website campaign featuring a video expose of a testing lab.