The X Factor is generating tabloid headlines yet again, with its producers' editing the latest target of the show's critics.

Seventeen-year-old wannabe Alexandra Davies has accused X Factor bosses of asking her to talk about the unhappy reputation of her home town, Bridgend, which has seen 23 suicides in the last two years.

"Because of all the bad press that Bridgend has had recently I just think that getting through would be a good bit of news that we need," she said on Saturday's show.

"Today is a big deal. This is where my confidence needs to deliver and I can prove to myself that I can do this."

Now Alexandra has come out fighting against the show's producers, saying she would much rather have left this particular sob story out of her own narrative.

"I would much rather be known for the talent than the girl that comes from the suicide town. I didn't know I was going to be on television and didn't think I would be on as much as I was," she said.

ITV has denied any pressure being placed by its producers on the teenager, whose performance of Eva Cassidy's Fields of Gold saw her go through to the show's second round.

22/08/2008 13:15:07