Little Mix look set to take British reality singing contests back to the heady heights of 2002 after becoming hot favourites to take The X Factor crown at the show's finale at Wembley Arena, London next weekend. If the four-piece do win they'd be the first ever girl group to win the show and the first to win a televised UK reality singing contest since Girls Aloud took the 'Popstars: The Rivals' crown nine years ago.

They're not there yet though, with the results of last weekend's semi-finals seeing MISHA B go home and leaving LITTLE MIX to battle it out with MARCUS COLLINS and Amelia Lily in the grand finale, reports New Magazine. Judge Gary Barlow professed himself disappointed with the competition, predicting ahead of the announcement what the result of the semi-final would be. "I have sat here and witnessed your journey throughout this competition and I can't help but feel a little bit sad," he said in relation to Mancunian singer MISHA B, "You have been wrongfully accused in the past of being someone that you are not," he continued with regards to past comments by other judges that she'd been bullying other contestants.

Nevertheless, the result stands and as the show reaches its climax, the girls are an overwhelming 6-5 favourites with the bookies to win, with Lily on 9-4 and Collins lagging behind on 5-2.