Kitty Brucknell certainly raised eyebrows with some of her outfits on The X Factor, but the 26-year-old is keeping up the controversy following her axing from the show - this time posing naked for a photo shoot with Heat magazine. In the accompanying interview, the former Britney Spears tribute act spoke candidly about her time on the show, including her rift with Misha B.
In the risque shoot, Kitty ditches her clothes and is covered only by various words and phrases scribbled on her body, many of which have been used to describe herself, including 'fame hungry', 'psycho', 'demanding', 'weird', 'unique', 'freak', 'weird', 'bitch', 'drama queen' and 'axed'. Although she demonstrated a wealth of self-belief, which was often interpreted as arrogance, Kitty claims she was right to have been given the boot in her sing off with Misha, saying, ".Misha's a better singer and, more marketable.I'm just such a f*cking weird person. I'm too weird forThe X Factor". The singer also addressed rumours of her alleged feud with the Manchester-born singer - who herself was accused of bullying contestants in the competition, Brucknell explained, "We're both very ambitious, and we're both very determined people. We had to agree to disagree and not talk. We just said, Look, we're both really determined to win, so let's be competitors, and then after the show we can see if we can be friends".
Although she decided to go nude for the photo shoot, the eccentric singer claims to be unhappy with her body image, saying, "I hate what I see when I look in the mirror. I want to look thinner and I don't want my cellulite". Speaking to followers on Twitter today (22th November 2011), Brucknell said, "Heat interview is out today!!! Agh! So nervous. Photoshoot was my idea completely :) even the words! it's like baring my soul".