Astro has been one of the most fawned over contestants by judges on The X Factor USA , but on the phone lines and internet the 15 year-old rapper's self-penned songs have started to grate on the American public and the wannabe star found himself in the bottom two of the competition following the latest rounds of singing - something that he wasn't impressed with.
The Washington Post reports that Astro was in competition with Stacy Francis - Nicole Scherzinger's protege - in the final sing-off but opted to throw a diva strop before being cajoled into performing again. In a stark turn of attitude, the young MC argued "Yo, yo, yo. I really don't want to perform. I feel like it's unnecessary" to shocked judges before asking the crowd if he should take part - to which he got a resounding yes. However despite eventually performing, his attitude rankled with the panellists and a war of words soon occurred with Simon Cowell, with the 'X Factor' boss arguing, "Can I ask you a question, Astro? I don't like your attitude right now. So, do me a favor and stop folding your arms, and think about your mom watching this show. You're showing disrespect to your mom and the audience at home." A defiant Astro replied, "No, not really, no disrespect. If you want to put me in the Bottom 2, I don't want to perform for people who don't want me here."
With this in mind it was perhaps even more galling for a devastated Stacy Francis that she still found herself going home, the judges opting to save the outspoken rhymer.