Astro, the 15-year-old hip-hop contestant on The X Factor USA was almost disqualified from the competition on Thursday evening's results show (17 November 2011) after initially refusing to sing his survival song, reports MTV News.

The Brooklyn MC, who has wowed audiences on the show with his confident swagger and wise-cracking lyrics, almost went too far on Thursday claiming he didn't want to perform for people who wanted him out of the competition. 42-year-old Stacy Francis also found herself in the bottom two and belted out a stirring rendition of Amazing Grace, but Astro had other ideas. Strutting out on stage, he stunned Simon Cowell and co by announcing, "I really don't wanna perform. I feel like it's unnecessary", before turning to mentor L.A. Reid and asking, "But I'mma leave it up to you. You're my mentor. Do you think I should perform?". When the music mogul explained to Astro he had come a long way in the competition and should honor the rules, the 15-year-old reluctantly agreed and gave a half-hearted performance of a song in which he rapped about his experiences on the show. As expected, the judges didn't take too kindly to his antics, and Astro was scolded for his attitude, with Reid telling him, "You acted a little bit like a quitter, and it upset me", and Cowell raging, "I don't like your attitude right now...Look at me, and think about your mum watching the show.Because you are showing disrespect to your mom. You are showing disrespect to the audience at home, and I don't like people with this attitude".

The audience began to shower Astro with boos and jeers and a chant of 'Stacy, Stacy' left the 15-year-old with a tear streaming down his face. However, the judges voted 3-1 in his favor, reasoning that he had a better chance of going all the way in the competition.