Scouse indie rockers, The Wombats, appear to be having a busy year what with being fresh from their April/May US tour including appearing on the CONAN O BRIEN Show, preparing to headline The Red Hot Chilli Peppers at Knebworth Park and Sunderland's Stadium of Light alongside Dizzee Rascal and Reverend and The Makers, as well as headlining Derbyshire's Y Not Festival and hosting a 'Party in Delamere Forest' in Cheshire. called them up to discuss it, plus their feelings on the Olympics, their love of Steve Winwood and when we might expect their next album - which we can't wait much longer for!

The rock legend that is Steve Winwood appears to be The Wombats main influence. They appeared to struggle to comprehend the sound of their 'Stevie' and admitted to striving to be as great as him. 'You know that song 'Higher Love' by Stevie Winwood?' Says lead vocalist Matthew Murphy. 'Before we start working on a song, our first thing is like, 'this has to get close to 'Higher Love.'' However, he admits that having an aim like this is 'like comparing yourself to God. futile' but reveals that having an unattainable aim makes them more determined to strive for better.

We wouldn't say unattainable, Wombats!