The Wombats frontman Matthew Murphy struggled with a secret addiction to prescription medication while recording the band's new album.
The British rocker became hooked on anti-depressants in 2007, and reveals he was reliant on the drugs when recording the band's latest album This Modern Glitch.
Murphy only managed to kick his addiction last year (10) when he moved back in with his mother in his native Liverpool, England.
He says, "I'd go into the studio for eight hours every day and smack my head against the wall until one idea, one lyric, one hook came. Some days, it didn't.
"I was a mess. I first started taking medication before our first single came out. Then, once we were touring, I was taking quite high dosages and they just kept going up and up. I started putting on a lot of weight. That was the main reason I wanted to come off them. I hated going onstage and feeling fat."